In general, the Elemental Approach is analyzing a problem by breaking down the entire case into small elements. Your aquatic facility is about much more than water. Clear water is wonderful, but it’s only part of what your swimmers, visitors, and staff experience. If the air quality is poor, the people in your facility and the facility itself will suffer from it. Pure Water Aquatics approaches your facility in an elemental fashion, offering solutions that address both water and air quality, and operational efficiency and safety.


Pure Water Aquatics works with only the top manufacturers to ensure that your facility is running smoothly and efficiently, with minimum down-time.


Pure Water Aquatics has the knowledge and experience to identify a whole-facility solution and will help you prioritize repairs, replacements, and upgrades for everything related to your pool, inside and out.

At Pure Water Aquatics, we begin with the big picture in mind. The overall health of your facility doesn’t end at the edge of the pool. When you work with Pure Water Aquatics, you’ll have a partner that takes a holistic approach to ensure that the systems maintaining the quality of both water and air are working at peak efficiency and as a total system. Not only that, but you want your investment to be scalable to your future needs. That’s exactly what we deliver… it’s the Pure Water Aquatics way: The Elemental Approach to your facility.

Simplify Pool Chemistry

This is a guest post by Eric Knight with Orenda Technologies. Commercial swimming pools require a lot of maintenance and day-to-day monitoring. The good ones have chemical automation systems, quality filtration and circulation systems, and secondary sanitization systems like UV or Ozone. There are many moving parts, and to a swimming pool operator, it can …

Improving Your Natatorium’s Environment: Creating Healthy IAQ

When you go to an indoor pool, what do you first notice? We often first feel the warmth and humidity, and then smell something that resembles a strong chlorine odor — although it’s not actually chlorine. Actually caused by chloramines (combined chlorines) off gassing from the pool’s water surface, this odor is the by-product from …

Winterizing Your Aquatic Facility

The leaves are changing, crisp air and rain are in the forecast — here in the Northwest, fall is officially here. And with that, the end of outdoor swimming season. As temperatures drop, you’re faced with the task of winterizing your inground pool in order to protect your facility’s aquatic equipment, interior finishes and tile, …