Welcome to Pure Water Aquatics

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Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. We’ve created this blog to provide you with resources and information on operating a holistic, high-performing aquatic facility. With over 100 years of combined experience, you could say we’re a bit passionate. Join us here to talk tips and tricks, Q&As, case studies, interviews and more.

In welcoming you here, we’d love to introduce ourselves and tell you what we’re about.

Our Mission

We believe the overall health of your aquatic facility doesn’t end at the edge of the pool. Clear water and high air-quality are a non-negotiable, package deal.

We understand all of the work you put in to run your facility at peak-performance, because we’ve seen and experienced it first-hand. We’ve had the fortune of stepping foot into commercial mechanical rooms everywhere – from professional sports facilities, to resorts and school aquatic facilities. What we’ve found is that each facility’s objective boils down to the same goal – safety, efficiency, and optimization. Our mission is to provide the expertise that removes the guess-work in getting your facility to operate as a total system.

A One-Stop Shop

In the pursuit of safety, efficiency and optimization for your facility, you juggle schedules, calls, emails, invoices and meetings with manufacturers, contractors, and distributors. Sometimes half of your day – or more – is spent dealing with just this. That’s why our services include working directly with manufacturers for purchasing products, so that you don’t have to. When you work with us, we roll products, installation, and training into one so that your facility runs as a total, cohesive package – and you get your time and energy back.

We’re here to recommend, install, and service everything from water filtration and sanitizing systems to recreation and deck equipment. From product and installation bundles, to training and consultations, we take the investments you make in your facility to heart and make it a seamless experience for you and your team.

Your PWA Team

Gary Gripp –  Commercial Aquatics Consultant

Pure Water Aquatics Team

With over 25 years of industry experience, Gary is our Commercial Aquatics expert. Previously serving for over ten years as the Technical Services Director for our sister company Anderson Poolworks, Gary was involved with pool mechanical system pre-construction consulting, construction management, and installation for many different commercial aquatic projects. These projects included professional sport facilities such as the UO Football Operations Center and the Trailblazer’s Moda Center locker room and practice facility,  Sunriver, Pronghorn and Brasada Ranch resorts, the Oregon Zoo, Thompson Park 50 meter pool and more.

As the Commercial Aquatics Consultant for Pure Water Aquatics, Gary now uses his expertise to work directly with facility directors in making their facility goals become a reality.

Anthony Valenzuela –  Commercial Aquatics Sales

Pure Water Aquatics Team

With a lifelong career in construction & supply chain logistics, Anthony has experience as a shop manager and purchasing agent through-out. He understands the territory, including all of the successes and frustrations of running and maintaining a facility while juggling vendors, distributors, purchasing orders, and training.

As Commercial Aquatics Sales at Pure Water Aquatics, Anthony uses his perspective and first-hand experience to anticipate your needs and work directly with manufacturers to get the products you’re looking for.

If there’s anything you’d like to read, learn or hear more about, visit our contact page or drop us a line at hello@purewateraquatics.com and subscribe to our emails in the upper right hand corner.